What should I expect from a solicitor who is preparing my will?

It can seem difficult to choose the right solicitor to assist you with your estate planning.  You need someone who has specific knowledge of the wills and estates area to prepare your will because it is easy for potential problems to be overlooked, especially if the solicitor is rushed with other work!

A solicitor who is knowledgeable about wills and estates will review your assets and family structure to identify, and take steps to avoid, any problems arising for your loved ones after you pass away.   This includes simple matters such as making sure you have nominated a beneficiary for your superannuation entitlements but can also include more complicated issues such as identifying potential family provision claims or implementing a succession plan for your family business.

Your solicitor should take the time to understand your position and your priorities to ensure that your estate has the best chance of being dealt with in the way that you wish.  They must then ensure that your documents are prepared and signed correctly and that appropriate arrangements are made to store them where your family can locate them at the right time.

At Hornsby Wills and Probate, our focus is on wills and estates.  We do not work in competing practice areas so we can give our wills and estates clients our full attention.  All work is undertaken directly by our principal solicitor, Althea Willis, so you may be assured that you are dealing with someone with an appropriate level of knowledge and experience. Contact Althea today to make an appointment on 0410 485 277 or althea@hornsbywillsandprobate.com.au