Is a Home Made Will Good Enough?

Many people with simple affairs believe that a home made will is adequate for their needs. Unfortunately, home made wills are often problematic and can cause delays and additional expense when it comes time to administer an estate. Some of the most common problems with home made wills are: 1. [...]

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Who Can Challenge My Will?

When making your will, it is important to consider potential risks to your estate. This includes the risk of someone challenging your will. Even if your will is validly made, a person can bring a claim for further provision from your estate. s57 of the Succession Act 2006 (NSW) defines [...]

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What do I need to do if a family member has died?

There are many matters that need to be dealt with when a person dies. Notifying family members and friends and arranging the funeral is the first priority. After that, someone will need to deal with the deceased person’s property and affairs (called their ‘estate’). The person responsible for dealing with [...]

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